Ways to Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Issues

The sleep mode of windows 10 is one of the soothing features that saves system battery and enables users to resume their work after a short break. It prevents restarting the work along with the system. When this feature detects no activity on the system for a while, it automatically puts the computer in sleep mode. 

Is windows 10 sleep mode not working? There might be a series of issues causing the sleep mode not to respond expectedly. Here are some solutions to fix such errors. Read on! 

How to fix windows 10 sleep mode issues?

Here is the solution list to fix sleep mode issues.

Solution 1. Check the Sleep Mode Settings 

  1. Go to system settings> Power and Sleep> Additional Power Settings> choose when to turn off the display and make certain changes if sleep mode is not working. 
  2. On the “put the computer on sleep”, change the value and set it as you want. 
  3. Now go to Change advanced power settings and check each of its sections are allowed to sleep mode. 
  4. Also, enable the USB selective suspend setting. 

Solution 2. Check updates 

Your computer won’t sleep windows 10 if your system is trying to update applications or responding to recent updates in the background. If you have enabled the automatic update, the system will respond and update them overnight, restraining your system from going to sleep mode. Thus, check the system updates and respond to them. Visit Ityug247 for more solutions. 

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